~ Rhode Island trip ~

10 January 1999

the rhode island trip was sort of a getaway weekend for us. consisted of me, ari, greta, and rj… rj lives in newport, rhode island. he invited us to come over for the weekend of january 8, 1999. it turned out the big blizzard hit the east coast around that weekend. what a shame….

i drove to new york to pick ari up on thursday, and was planning to leave the city on friday sometimes early in the evening. due to the bad weather — snow and ice — we ended up leaving around 11 in the evening. the road condition was bad, so i drove very slow with my little crx.

compare to what greta experienced, however, the road was nothing… she was supposed to arrive in newport around 5 in the afternoon by plane. with the delay and all, she ended up arriving around 1 in the morning. gosh… that must be hell staying in the airport for that long.

ari and i arrived in rj’s house around 3 in the morning, and they were still awake. we talked and talked until the sun has arised, and eating the box of chocolate that we brought along. then we went to bed.

we were planning to go for some sight seeing the next day… however, we all woke up around 4 in the afternoon!! we must have been very tired… or we’re just a bunch of pigs, i guess… hehe… anyways, ari and i had a short sight seeing trip before the sun set along the shore to see how it looked. it was very beautiful!!! they have so many mansions too….

at night, we went grocery shopping, cause bigboyee promised us that he would cook for the guests…. we also watches him cooking… impressive! the taste of the food was even more amazing…. just thinking about it right now making me hungry… hehehe…. so, we had this cheesy candle light dinner, with candles (doh!), music and admiral rj’s pork with somekind of egg drop soup. it was great…!

after dinner, we went to a club with rj’s friends around 11. the club was kinda crowded… it was fun cause the people there were hillarious…. so, we were dancing and making a fool out of ourselves… the club was closed at exactly 1am (early, huh?). we went home… and some more talk…….. while munching the rest of the chocolate.

sunday was the real sight seeing. too bad that rj couldn’t join us, cause he had some exams to take on monday.. so, ari, greta and i squeezed into my 2-seater car, and drove around, and were acting like tourists (cause we were!) and took many many pictures…

later that night, rj drove greta to the airport, while ari and i was on the way back to new york city again… 5 hours drive seems worth it!

now… pictures!!!

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this is my very first entry on my history of online journal. wow.

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