~ NYC dinner ~

23 January 1999

the day started out with me waking up late… i was supposed to be in my friend’s house for a birthday get together at 12, but instead, i woke up around 11. after took shower and waiting for the other people got ready, me, ari and mike (ari’s roommate) left to new jersey for that get together… ny was foggy, which i think it was really beautiful and romantic… hehe

got there at 1pm, and went through a ceremony (dont wanna bore you with the details), we left again around 2:30. after dropping off mike at juliana’s house in upper west side, ari and i drove to the famous new york’s chinatown. that’s where we supposed to meet with greta and chung at 3:30… gosh… the traffic was hectic. and, yeah, as the driver, i cursed a lot…. didn’t make much of the difference, but at least it acted as a stress reliever….

we were 10 minutes late arriving in front of harmony palace, where we’re planning to meet. after looking around for about 2 minutes, coudn’t find anyone resembling the picture of chung or the familiar face of greta, i decided to give greta a call. it turned out that she was about 20 steps on my left, talking to chung, whom she just met about a minute before i gave her a call.

after plenty of hugs and shaking hands, we realized that we needed to eat. so, i offered to eat in an indonesian restaurant somewhere in the depth of chinatown (cause i had this craving of one of the indonesian dishes since the night before… selfish, huh?).

lots of talk, especially me… since i just couldn’t keep my big mouth shut. and, of course, we took pictures! in short, i had a great time, i hope everyone else did too… chung brought his homemade truffles which was extremely delicious… (chung… if you read this, send me some!).

we left the restaurant around 5:15, and went to our seperate ways between mullbery street and canal street, after taking some more pictures (again!).

some miscellaneous addition (which i thought was kinda cool): on the way home to queens, ari and i saw a taxi on fire between park avenue and 48th street. when we got there, the taxi just started burning, and the fire department hasn’t arrived yet. they did a good job, cause they got it covered before the taxi explode… too bad, i didn’t bring a camera…..

anyways, here are the pictures we took.