~ annoying day ~

14 August 2000

it’s been a weird day. annoying day, to be exact. i got to work at 8 in the morning, and didn’t leave till 10 at night. and for some reason, i couldn’t reach ari. i waited in front of the building for 10-15 min… no sign of him. so i left, and took a cab. the cab driver took a wrong way, ending up me have to pay a bit more. i was starving, so i stopped by Wendy’s. an old man cut me off, and the girl behind the counter took so long to make the order. she really took her time. by the time i get to ari’s apartment, ari wasn’t there yet. so i got in, and heard running water from the bathroom. it turns out that the bathtub faucet was leaking… badly. so, we had to call the super and asked him to fix it…. at 11:30 at night. i felt bad. but it’s all fixed. and i’m glad that the day is almost over.

my mom is still sick. i got a call at 7 in the morning, she’s still in the hospital and her thrombocyte counts is getting lower instead of higher. she now needs 2 packs of ivy instead of one. i’m worried.