~ Requiem for a Dream ~

13 August 2000

i finally got to watch Requiem for a Dream… scogin, ari and i tried to get the tix on Friday, but no luck. i’ve been wanting to see it since i saw their website.

anyways, that movie is one of the most intense movie that i’ve ever seen. it was directed by Darren Aronofsky, the same guy who directed Pi. the movie (Requiem for a Dream) was damn amazing. i was totally stunned the whole time i watched it. it was so graphic, scary, and… well, intense. it’s probably a movie that goes as intense as Clockwork Orange. i was so exhausted by the time the movie is done.

but, really, i would totally recommend this movie…. to anyone who doesn’t throw up easily. it’s about drugs, it has some oh-so-graphic sex scenes, and some more scenes that will be blocked off by your brain 5 minutes after you see it. and it will also make you wanna call your mom and tell he how much you love her…. i’m calling my mom now.

addition: it looks like Jake got a domain. boodelicious.org. still looking orangy, though. i wonder what boodelicious mean…