~ smoker? ~

15 August 2000

are you a smoker? do you always have a hard time finding a restaurant with a smoking section? do you always end up asking the waiters for checks right after your last bite, just because you need to smoke after dinner? well, The Smoking Section must be very useful for you (it is for me!). and for you smoker haters, it’s probably useful to avoid those places listed… hehe.

check out The Spot. i think it’s somekind of zine. i tried to find the “about us” section, but couldn’t find it. it’s has updated and good links on the “hot links” section (the name tells it all). besides that they linked us a couple weeks ago, they’re touting Morcheeba, one of my current favorite bands.

i took the polls down, cause vox populi poll is acting funny. for some reason, i can’t get in there to edit, i can’t vote, etc, etc. it keeps giving me broken page. maybe it’s sick too.

sheesh, i got another bad news this morning. my cousin, who’s only 3 years older than me, is also in a hospital now. heart attack, so i heard. shit! what’s going on here?

i changed my desktop wallpaper again. this time is from Mr. Eel. i’m in a screensaver hunting right now. does anyone have a suggestion where i should go hunt?

update: 5 minutes after i posted this entry, asking for a place where i can find screensaver, Brian from ironedfishes sent me this link. he’s quick, huh? Thank you!

after midnight link: nasa20. it’s awesome. neatly done with great attention to details. i wanna be like ‘em.