~ Cali - day 3 ~

30 December 1999

YAY! i went to SF today! we woke up an hour late, so we left San Jose an hour late as well. but that’s ok, we got to see all the places we wanted to see, and some more.

we picked Masaki up around noon… he was one of my chat friend and is an excellent tour guide. so, we’re on Rudy’s red integra… Rudy is the driver, Masaki is the co-pilot and navigator… i just sit on the backseat like a boss…. although i had to pay for the lunch. Masaki is a cool guy. this is the first time i met him in person. his wit cracks me up… as usual. he’s a lot more laid back than i expected.

Masaki’s first suggestion was to go to Twin Peak. it was great! we could see the whole SF from a top of a mountain… of course, we took a lot of pictures.

then, we drove to Lombard Street for another picture session. too bad we were there for winter instead of spring, cause all the flowers were pretty much dead during the winter. oh well.

those inclined roads scared me. i felt like the Rudy’s car wouldn’t be able to climb and would slide down any moment.

after that, we went to Fishermen Wharfs to get something to eat (fish and chips) and walked around for a bit. the weather was excellent, a perfect weather for walking around. it was unusually warm for winter. Masaki and Rudy managed to play arcade, and Rudy did a poster shopping.

from there, we went to Golden Gate bridge. it was almost sunset and a bit foggy when we got there, so i’m not sure if the pictures would turn out well. but the scene is still very pretty…. the downtown buildings looked like they were on fire from sunset reflection on their windows… it was an amazing sight that only lasts less than 5 minutes.

by the time we’re done taking pictures, the sun was almost gone. i called Sid from the bridge, cause we’re planning to have dinner together. we decided to meet up at a Starbucks at 6 o’clock… umm, well, i don’t exactly know where it is. i just told Masaki the address and he took care the rest. we got lost a little, but still managed to show up early than the meeting time.

Sid showed up along with the CDrom he promised… aww! thanks!!! Sid is another chat friend of mine. he works in internet business as well, and he basically taught me almost ALL the web design stuff i know. so i owe him a whole lot for the job i have right now…. he’s great or what?

we had dinner at this restaurant called House. damn, that’s a fine restaurant…. the food was delicious, the atmosphere was very comfy. i called Larry before we started eating, and he said he’ll join us for dessert.

Larry is probably the longest chat friend i met here, although i lost touch with him for the last 6 months. it’s just funny that i recognize him right off the bat when he showed up at the restaurant.

so, after Larry showed up, we went to a dessert place (i forgot the name) accross the street. everyone was full from dinner, so we just drank coffee… we talked and talked from 7 to midnight! wow, that’s a long time. there was a lot of stocks talk. i and masaki are not into stock stuff, but it’s still pretty interesting to me… maybe someday i’ll go into that. but for Rudy, who was just started, i think he gains a lot of info. so, that’s good….

we left SF around 12:30 after dropping off Masaki at his apartment. i personally had a good time. i hope everyone else did too…