~ Cali - day 2 ~

29 December 1999

i woke up late. i was planning to wake up around 8, but i didn’t even open my eyes until sometime around 10:30. i think i was just too tired.

so, rudy and i started the day late. we left the house around 3 pm and drove to downtown San Jose around 3 pm to visit the Tech Museum. i’ve always liked museums, especially nerdy ones. so i had a lot of fun on the Tech Museum. they have many interesting gadgets in such a small place. we also managed to see the Thrill Ride movie on its IMAX theater, although toward the end of the movie, i fell asleep….. hehehe.

after the museum, we were planning to go to a video store, btu we got trapped in traffic. while we’re sitting still on the car, we kept seeing a bunch of well dressed people walking on the sidewalk. it turned out that there was somekind of concert a couple blocks away from where we were stuck…. and we headed straight to the heart of the traffic jam… well, how do we know?

so, by the time we got out of the traffic, the video store was already closed. so, instead, we went to Best Buy. i’m looking for gadgets (i think the crave has something to do with going to the Tech Museum). i have my eyes on Palm VII and the Sprint PCS phone with internet connection. the thought of accessing internet and email account from anywhere is so tempting… yumm…. how covinient. but i still can bring myself to sepnd 500 bucks to buy those gadgets. internet access from anywhere is just not a good enough excuse.

at night, i helped Rudy installing a damn expensive Bose home theater system at his host’s house. that schtuff is sweet! after hooking all the wires up, we tested the sound… CD’s, DVD’s, even karaoke. maan, i want one of those…..

oh, we forgot to bring the camera when we went out, so no pictures for today… sorry!