~ Cali - day 1 ~

28 December 1999

yay! i’m in San Jose now! it’s warm here… i was sweating wearing my puffy jacket.

the flight was great, it actually arrived half an hour earlier than the schedule. fortunately, rudy was already in the airport, so i didn’t have to wait for him to pick me up.

i’m staying at rudy’s place. rudy is a friend of mine from college. i’ve known him for 7 years… wow, that’s a long time. he moved to San Jose after graduation, drove from Pennsylvania to California by himself, crazy guy…

so anyways, on my first day here in Cali, we went to Santa Cruz to see the beach, the Pacific beach. wow, i never imagined seeing people playing beach volleyball wearing bikini in the middle of December… but then again, i’m an eastcoaster.

we took a lot of pictures, too… once i get it scanned, i’ll post it up here. we also talked a lot, did some catching up on what’s going on with our friends back in the East Coast, what’s up with him, what’s up with me… blah blah blah.
i guess, people don’t change much. rudy still looks exactly the same as i remembered.

basically, i’m happy to be here, seeing an old friend, wearing short sleeves t-shirts in the middle of winter.