~ bowling ~

27 December 1999

i took out the nose piercing. ari didn’t allow me to have one. he said, i didn’t ask his permission and it would make my relationship with his family even worse. whatever.

i talked to Sid today about my problem (ari vs. nose ring). to my surprise, sid is on ari’s side. in a way, it helps me seeing things from ari’s perspective. that way, i won’t be the self-centered bitch all the time. sometimes, it’s easier to hear criticism from a person who’s not very close to you. i think i take ari for granted too much lately. i feel really bad.

i think i learned a lot from my conversation with sid. it was a short talk, but most of the stuff he said went IN to my head, instead of just passing by. so, i’m glad, i’m happy, and i’m ready to be a better person… (aww!).

tonight, i went bowling with Bobby. as usual, i suck. but that’s ok, i have fun. i’m an average 60 bowler… (how sad, huh?). we played 3 games, i had 2 strikes and Bobby got none. but no matter what he kicked my ass so bad on every game. after that, we went to eat on some restaurant in Union Square (i never remember the restaurant’s name), and went home.

now, i have to pack, clean bebe’s cage, clean my own cage… and get some rest. it’s an early flight.