~ Cali - day 4 ~

31 December 1999

the last day of the 1900’s…. Rudy and i had no plans at all…

so in the morning, we went out to do some gift shopping for me to bring back to NY. i owe so many xmas present to a lot of people.

we went to many asian malls. i ended up buying toys and stickers. hehehe.

when we got back to Rudy’s home, his friend, Xavier and Sara, left a message inviting us to go to a party. meanwhile, Rudy’s host is also throwing a party. so we couldn’t make up our mind which party we’re gonna be at….

since the party at Rudy’s house would have either little kids or older people, we decided to go to his friends’ party. besides, the karaoke and dance music at Rudy’s house would all be in Chinese, and i don’t speak Chinese….

around 7, we left for the other party. this party was thrown by a guy named Don. that’s all i know. i don’t know the people there except for Rudy. even Rudy didn’t know the host. he only knew Xavier and Sara. Don has his own internet company… i guess, that’s the typical Gen-X from Silicon Valley, huh?

his house located on the side of a hill, facing San Jose. from his porch, we can see the WHOLE Silicon Valley, so the view is amazing. i was very much impressed with the house.

so, we played pool, darts, Dreamcast, Playstation…. ate dinner, watching New Years around the world from a big screen TV. the ball drop at NYC looked really cool. the other places in the States seemed to be kinda bland. even the one in SF. they expected to have about one million people but there was only 15,000 people showed up. from what we saw on the TV, it wasn’t crowded at all… if we knew it’s not gonna be crowded, Rudy and i would’ve driven up to SF and see the fireworks live. oh well…

as usual… countdown and champagne toast… yumm. i kinda expecting some Y2K glitchs, but it didn’t happen. so nothing really exciting…. i was hoping to see the whole San Jose black out. it would be cool to see that from the top of the hill…. but it didn’t happen. although some part in Oakland had a no power cause there is something wrong generator. they suspected that someone turned the power off, or something. so it’s not Y2K bug. oh well… so, after that we’re back playing that Playstation shooting game… hehehe.

we left the house around 2-3, and when we got back to Rudy’s house, the other party was almost over too. i packed, checked email… and went to bed around 5.