~ the wind ~

24 December 1999

i talked to Chung through yahoo pager today. he noticed that the animated girl on the avocadolite.com front page looked like me. it IS me! although some people said that my neck was not that small…
and the dottie yellow guy on the bottom is a picture of ari, taken with my cam.

ooh, this is christmas eve, and all i did is watching TV. i went grocery shopping today, cause i figured i won’t be able to get food during the christmas. i haven’t gone grocery shopping for at least 3 months. the only thing on my fridge was an empty egg carton and a bottle of orange juice.

see, since i usually go home late from work, i didn’t have time to cook. instead, i just ate out anywhere near the office for dinner. now, that i’m not working, i have to find someway to feed myself. the neighborhood around me doesn’t have that many restaurant. it has a chinese take out, but i think they delivery guy is already tired to see my face.

so i got myself a box of cereal, milk, butter, pasta, and of course, 2 boxes of cigarettes. that should keep me alive till the 28th. after that, i’m off to SF. YAY!

i got an email from Welly today. he congratulated me for the promotion and sent me a song, The Wind, by Cat Steven.

I listen to the wind
to the wind of my soul
Where I’ll end up well I think,
only God really knows
I’ve sat upon the setting sun
But never, never never never
I never wanted water once
No, never, never, never

I listen to my words but
they fall far below
I let my music take me where
my heart wants to go
I swam upon the devil’s lake
But never, never never never
I’ll never make the same mistake
No, never, never, never

thanks, Welly… he always gives me a perfect gift.