~ it’s X’MAS! ~

25 December 1999

MERRY CHRISTMAS! i hope y’all got wonderful gifts and had a delicious dinner.

i’m so excited! today, the first Bolt.com TV commercial was on air! it looked awesome! i was very much impressed.

Bolt.com, the place where i work, was one of the sponsors of the Gravity Games. today, NBC aired the Gravity Games’s holiday special. so we had a couple commercial spots on that 2 hours show.
it’s so bolt-like. orange and blue… with quotes from the members. and nice tunes too… hehehe

so, did anyone see it? wasn’t it great? hehehe… of course, i’m partial.

it’s just funny that i actually waited for the commercial break and didn’t go to the bathroom. all i did was laying on the carpet with my blanket, eating my box of chocolate for the whole 2 hours. it was quite exhausting… now, i’m a certified couch potato.