~ more shopping + promotion ~

23 December 1999

i went shopping again. by myself, for myself. i got a long skirt, an orange turtleneck, and a pair of boots. i think when i’m not working to make money, i’m working on spending the money. i feel good though.

there were so many people doing last minute shopping. i was walking around Forrest Hills, the whole place was packed. there was a long line on the counter on every single store, even drug stores. it wasn’t even rush hour, but the train was packed. i live pretty close to the end station, but i still got no seat. every other person on the train carried at least 2 shopping bags, which makes the train even more full.

today, i finally got an email from ari. it was a long email. he was pretty excited being home, meeting his old friends. oh envy… hehehe. but he said he missed me… :)

so i decided to call him tonight, sometime around 9. i was so happy that he was awake. it was 9 in the morning there in Jakarta. so, i talked, i babbled… talking about what i’ve been doing, the shopping binge, the new watch, etc. he was telling me about his friends. we also discussed our new project, which is designing a website for a company. i’m not sure if we have time for that, but i guess trying wouldn’t hurt. maan, i miss talking to ari. i miss him….

ok, that was too mushy… blah. anyways…