~ bored 2 = dye hair red ~

21 December 1999

do you know what happen when i’m bored? i dye my hair.

so, today, my hair color changed from dark brown to red. i didn’t bleach it beforehand, so the red only shows as hightlights. there are strands of hair that are already bleached from previous hair coloring, so that part is bright red. the name of the dye is Cherry Bomb. woohoo!

i also went shopping and bought myself a gift. a Baby-G watch. it’s so cute! and the sales person is pretty cute too. so, i finally have a watch. i’ve been watchless for almost a year now. i’m actually used to without watch, cause i can always peek at someone else’s watch to see the time. it gets a bit harder during the winter, since everyone is wearing long sleeves.

ooh, i got the gift from Pete! i stopped by at work today, and picked up the gift. it was a Kanji Book! it’s pretty interesting on how they try to explain the kanji letters. they have a kanji letter next to a similar meaning picture (symbol), and a sentence describing the symbol means. i’ll scan one of the pictures later (i don’t have scanner at home). so, i hope, by the end of this year, i would be able to memorize 10 kanji letter… *cross my fingers*.