~ bored 1 = watching Digimon ~

20 December 1999

i’m bored. i didn’t go anywhere today, just stayed home watching tv while surfing the net. for the last couple of days, i’ve been having flu. today, i feel a lot better than before, but i just wanted to take a precaution and get more rest.

i talked to my lawyer, and she told me that i should stop thinking about “other” way to go back to Indonesia. she basically told me to forget it, and find something else to do here in the US. so i purchased a round trip ticket to San Francisco. yup, i’m going to SF on the 28th.

other than that exciting plan, i didn’t do anything. i think i annoyed pete too much by messaging him at work… hehe. who’s pete, you asked. he’s the guy who sits behind me at work. can you believe it? i’m taking 2 weeks off, and my first day off, i already messaging people at work. that’s how bored i was.

so, i made this new background tile and set for avocado graphics. but it didn’t cure my boredom that much. i watched Digimon, the Pokemon look-alike, changing channels between Law and Order and Ally Mcbeal, all the news stuff…. and i’m still bored.

i really need to go outside tomorrow.