17 December 1999

boo hoo hoo~ … i can’t go home! i’ve been planning for the last 2 months to go back home to Jakarta, but now i can’t.

why? my guess was right. my visa didn’t arrive on time. it hasn’t even been approved yet. it’s still in process. now, i’m fuckin stuck in New York City. ARGH!!!

it sucks. i’ve already taken 5 days off for the holiday, and now, i can’t even go anywhere. 2 weeks at home would drive me nuts. even worse, ari is going back to Jakarta.

we were planning to go home together. he has no visa problem. and he’s leaving on Sunday.

what’s more annoying is that i cannot do anything about this. once the visa application goes into the process, we can just wait and keep our fingers crossed.

i’m stuck. this sucks.

well, if i don’t go anywhere, expect a lot of updates on the site. cause i need to keep myself occupied to avoid the insanity.