~ another copycat + long hours ~

16 December 1999

i found another site using avocadolite image without asking. it’s kinda ironic when he said that all images are his copyright and such.

it’s even more ironic when he said, “I feel very strongly about my copyrights, don’t take any images from this site without permission. If you want to alter any images, just let me know and maybe I’ll say yes.” he never asked us for a permission to alter our images. oh well.

anyways, i’ve been working long hours at work. i’m planning to go back to Jakarta for two weeks starting this weekend. so, i’ve been trying to finish 2 weeks of work in 4 days. phew.

i really hope i can go back home. there are a couple of things that aren’t done yet. the work is not done, my ticket hasn’t arrived yet, and most importantly, my visa hasn’t been approved yet. i hope i get all taken care of by tomorrow. i’m sure the ticket will arrive today, and i know i can finish all my work.

according to my lawyer’s calculation, the visa should have been done by last week. but i haven’t heard anything from INS (the immigration). although my lawyer is quite positive that the visa would arrive tomorrow, i’m still very worried.

please be kind, INS. i really wanna go home! *crossing fingers*