~ smoked crx ~

12 December 1999

i was just about to sell my car, it went dead. this morning i went around car dealers asking them how much my car worth. it wasn’t too bad, except for a couple of rude sales person. car salesmen sucks, huh?

anyways, since i planned to sell the car on one of the used car dealers near my apartment, i had to move my car from ari’s apartment to mine. so, tonight around 11pm, ari and i went out of the apartment and got into my car. i was the driver.

i turned the ignition key, and a funny sound came out of the hood. the battery light didn’t turn off, and smoke started to come out of the hood. ouch!

i turned the ignition off right away, but the street was already covered with thick smoke. the area quickly smelled like burnt rubber.


i haven’t brought the car anywhere. i just left it on ari’s apartment. i think the driving belt snapped. i haven’t driven that car for a while. ooh, my poor CRX… : (

so, if anyone wants a dead car, please let me know.