~ copycats ~

10 December 1999

aha! i finally know why this girl keeps coming in to this homepage…. i found from my tracker a trail that goes to her homepage, eventhough there is no direct link from her page to mine. finally, today, i found out why.

she’s been copying this site, the expiration date to her site intrepid. she basically copy the source, and change the image path. what i found *really* funny is that she didn’t even take out my tracker code from her page.

so, that’s why my tracker showing her page that doesn’t even link to my page. hahaha. no wonder i have a lot of visitors. i thought i was popular…. but i guess not. hahaha.

anyways, i think i’m gonna email her. cause, obviously, her act screws up my counter. i don’t usually get pissed when someone copy my page. immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? well, maybe not *that* sincere. hehehe.