~ Christmas party! ~

08 December 1999

tonight is the office Christmas party!

it’s the last day of the sendhogs stuff, too. it was a join party between bolt, where i work, and concrete media, where ari works. it’s a semi formal party. so, some people went to the office dressing up, some people brought a huge bag with clothes and make up, some people left early to go home and change.

i brought a long skirt and a make up bag with me. around 5pm, there was a long line going to the restroom. people are grooming themselves and making sure they look better their usual work appearance. it was actually fun seeing co-workers dressed up. i work in a new media company, where t-shirts and jeans are the uniforms. during the summer, they even wear shorts to work.

the party is on the boat, that leaves from Chelsea Pier. hehehe. i thought it was funny when i heard our office would have a party on a boat. these people drink a whole lot. they love to get drunk.

boat = sea sickness = puke

alcohol = puke

boat + alcohol = a lot of puke

we’re betting who’s gonna throw up first. whoever that person is, he/she will definately be the ice breaker… hehehe.

but you know what? i think the alcohol actually reduce the sea sickness. i get sick so easily, that i usually throw up after riding a cab. of course, i started feeling sick once i step in to the boat. seeing the pier keep moving up and down was more than enough. but after taking a couple of gin and tonic, i feel fine. so fine, that i started dancing. hehehe.

the view from Hudson River facing downtown was beautiful. Brooklyn Bridge was right above us, when we turned back, and the Statue of Liberty was right next ot the boat. it was dark, all we see is the colorful lights of NYC. it was really pretty.

of course, everyone was drunk. i was too. that’s why ari didn’t allow me to go to the after-boat party. oh well, i was pissed. ari and i got into a fight. again. but i had a good time when i was on the boat. we’re dancing and all…..