~ sendhogs + antartica ~

06 December 1999

oh god, i forgot to buy my sendhog gift! we have a “secret santa” thing in the office, where we pick a name of the co-worker from a jar, buy them 3 gifts, give them one each day secretly, and on the third day, that person have to guess who’s their secret santa. for some reason (i think “being different” reason), we do not call it secret santa, but we call it “sendhogs”. it’s an acronym that i would never remember.

anyways, i forgot to buy my gift. so, i took a very long lunch with amy, and went shopping in Soho. it took us about an hour and a half to find the right thing to buy, and another half an hour to eat in a Soho Soup and wrap the gifts.

according to the plan, on the third day (which is Wednesday), we are going to have a Chrismas Party! yippee! so besides shopping for the gift, we did a bit of window shopping to see if we need to buy anything for the party. it’s a semi formal party. doesn’t it sound like a highschool thing?

all the employees who work in offices outside New York are arriving today in NYC. wow, the office gets pretty crowded. and fun, of course. to greet the Portland designers, the design team went to Antartica after work. i didn’t stay there too long. as i said on the previous entry, i didn’t feel well. so, i left after i finish my first beer…