~ the Bone Collector ~

05 December 1999

i went to watch the Bone Collector tonight. that movie wasn’t as good as the reviews i’ve been reading. those reviews compared the movie with Silence of the Lamb, Seven… hmm, no way. the story line was too linear. and there are so many things that doesn’t make sense. either that, or i’m just dumb.

don’t get me wrong. it’s not a horrible movie. as a matter of fact, it’s pretty good. the acting was great. Denzel Washington is as good as usual and i’m quite impressed with Angelina Jolie. she’s actually a good actress, huh? and her lips… yumm! even the guy who plays Al Bundy on Married with Children isn’t bad at all.

anyways, i didn’t feel well today. i think i’ve been sleeping too much this weekend. you know, when you’re sleeping like 15 hours a day, you’d feel horrible. no energy. big headache. shaky legs. so, what did i do? of course i went to bed early… again. i’m trapped in an evil circle.