~ rob, slash, punch ~

29 November 1999

the first day of work after the long weekend. i feel good! i slept a whole lot during the weekend, beside doing the the site redesign. so, today, i got to work on time to make it to the Monday Morning Meeting. and i feel energetic. hehehe.

tonight, i was watching the news on tv. there are more people attacked on the subways. it’s getting scary. the ones mentioned on the news were the trains i take to work everyday. there were two women attacked by some guys. one got punched, the other was slashed on the face. not at the same time, though. these women don’t know each other.

it’s kinda ironic. when the holiday season is getting closer, the crime and violence is getting more frequent. those people who are financially unfortunate seek money by hacking and slashing people, and taking their wallet. that’s what the news guy basically said. i guess, in a way, christmas is not a happy time for everyone.

other than that, ari and i got a couple of emails about our redesign. so far so good… oh, happy! yesterday, ari spent a lot of time on Flash, trying to make the path right. i guess, the flash version of the site will not launch anytime soon. the thanksgiving break is over. so, we gotta go back to work. the REAL work. the one that makes money.