~ End of Days ~

03 December 1999

i went to watch End of Days tonight with scogin, hafeez, myers, josh, and a friend of hafeez. we left work around 8, picked hafeez and friend at Antartica, stopped by at scogin’s apartment, and left for the theater around 8:45. scogin and i waited for myers and josh… who were quite late, while hafeez went in to save our seats.

what do i think about the movie? it was a total waste of 10 bucks. do not watch it. if you really wanna see it, wait till it on videos. oh gawd, that’s probably the worst movie i’ve ever seen. i was pretty much stoned when i watch the movie, and it still didn’t make the movie any better. maybe it’s actually worse than i remember.

i thought Schwarzenegger had a better taste than that. that movie has everything you can imagine. a piece of Matrix, Devil’s Advocate, Stigmata, Seven… heavy special effect, a giant monster, naked chicks, breasts, cheesy old jokes, priests, crazy old men, satan worshippers and Schwarzenegger trying to be a smart ass.

ok, it was just plain bad. we should’ve believed the guy who wrote the End of Days review for Bolt.