~ avocadolite.com redesign! ~

27 November 1999

whoa! finally!! avocadolite.com redesign is DONE! i apologize for the lack of entry for the past 6 days, but i promise you it’s worth it. go check out the redesign. it’s cool! hehehe…

it took us about three weeks to get it done. started out with a lot of sketching on the train after work, fooling around with flash, photoshop and illustrator, trying to figure the navigation and interface stuff… phew. i’m glad it’s done. and i’m very happy with the result. the grey has started to get old.

what makes me even more happy, this time, the whole design process involved both ari and i. the last two layout were practically made by me. i showed up with a layout, asked for ari’s approval, tweaked it a little, and upload it. usually those only took me for about 2 days. but this one… a lot of discussion involved. but i really think this one is almost 10 times better than any of the past ones.

so yeah… i’m very excited. : -D

oh, before i forget, ari and i went to watch Sleepy Hollow. it’s a Tim Burton movie, so of course, i had to watch it. too bad, the story is dragging on a little longer than it needs. and there are a couple of things that didn’t make sense to me. they still don’t. maybe i just didn’t get it. but overall, the movie is beautiful. Christina Ricci is cool, but Johnny Depp is even cooler. he’s good. the setting is amazing. yeap, the movie is worth to see.