~ a zit chronicle ~

12 November 1999

i got this huge zit growing under my left nostril. it wasn’t that big a couple days ago, so i didn’t worry about that too much. but yesterday, the inflamation started and it stings. i felt like my upper lip is getting twice as thick.

i mentioned my zit problem to ari, and he said i should put toothpaste on it. he assured me that the toothpaste would suck all the oil and get the zit dry. it didn’t take much from him to get me convinced. so, last night, before i went to bed, i put a dab of Crest Multicare.

i couldn’t sleep. first, i could feel the stinging is getting worse. but of course i thought, “well, the toothpaste is working!”… but other than the stinging, i kept inhaling minty fresh air. and it just got stronger and stronger. if you think that minty smell is good, you’re wrong. especially not when you’re trying to sleep. too much mint is not good.

it took me about an hour to fall asleep. within that hour, i kept thinking maybe i should stop buying zit medicines, like clearasil and such, if i could use toothpaste instead. that would be great! but next time i use it, i’ll make sure not to use it when i’m going to bed… blah blah blah.

but of course i was wrong. if toothpaste works better in healing zits than clearasil, of course all acne medicine companies would have gone bankrupt long time ago. *duh!*

in the morning, the swelling didn’t get any better. it was actually bigger. ari was laughing when i asked him why my zit isn’t getting any smaller… damn, i guess, he didn’t know what he was talking about. of course i laughed too. laughed at my gullible self…

but of course, i still trust him. even when he told me tonight to just pop the zit. i did. and you know what? those articles in beauty magazines, telling you not to pop your zits, are right. ari is, once again, wrong.

so now i have this big red bump underneath my nose, inflamed and stinging more than the Crest Multicare was.

but ari thinks that i’m cute for being so gullible.

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It’s 2002 now and I ran out of toothpaste and found an old tube of crest multicare. i used it and my lower lip stung horribly. i thought it a canker sore and ignored it. i was away for the weekend and it got better. used the crest again the monday morning and the pain was excruciating. thinking now that 4 year old multicare is not okay for the mouth.

| 14 August 2002 - 01:27 | reply

Put contact solution on your zit an it will make it less red, i usta have really bad acne an i know… never use toothpaste!! it dries out the zit an u need mosture to get rid of them it may seem wierd but put some vitamin e on ur zit

SaRa WuIS | 6 October 2002 - 09:38 | reply

drink plenty of water like close to a gallon a day. if will flush out all of the bad stuff in you body. the acne will not go away right away but it will go away. wash your face every chance you get with ivory soap and put on a lite moisturiser

| 10 October 2002 - 08:05 | reply

There is misunderstanding in the role that toothpaste plays in getting rid of zits.

If you use tooth PASTE (not the gel) in a light dab just to cover the zit, then it will suck out the oil, so that you cannot see the reflective portion of the zit in things like pictures, and in hard light.

Used in conjunctino with something like clearasil during the day, you can get rid of zits fast while keeping them hidden at the same time.

Nick | 22 April 2003 - 11:59 | reply

does cigarette smoke make acne and pimples worse

| 13 June 2003 - 05:40 | reply