~ that obnoxious guy ~

11 November 1999

ugh, today was such a hectic day. the last couple of days have been boring to put in here, cause all i did was staying in the office till pretty late to get my work done, going home and sleep. but today, after a meeting, i got an impression that most of the stuff i’ve done for the last 2 weeks would mean nothing. it seems like they are changing the plan to modify the back end. *sigh*… if they’d really do that, i’m just gonna go out and get myself wasted this weekend.

there is also this one guy at work who really get into my nerves. he keeps trying to cut the production process and asking me to do things for him. normally, he should send a request to my boss, and my boss would decide who’s gonna work on his request. but of course he doesn’t do that. even worse, he would ask me about redesigning features. that’s NOT even my decision! is he trying to get me fired?

today, he was hogging me for an hour just to fix some touts, while i was in the middle of a conference messaging with some kids from England. and at the same time, i was supposed to finish an eval, which supposed to be due in half an hour. so, of course, i was late with the eval. ugh! damn selfish bastard! that fuckin touts are not even going live tomorrow!

but that’s ok. venting here makes me feel a bit better. maybe i’ll vent to my boss…. :]