~ puffy jacket ~

07 November 1999

it’s sunday. i was planning to go to the office yesterday, but i couldn’t make it. i was sick. as usual, whenever i get sick, besides the fever stuff, i also get stomach ache. to tell you the truth, tummy ache is very annoying. it wakes me up in the middle of the night, and i ended up lacking of sleep in the moring.

so, on saturday, i was too tired to go to work. instead, i was just being lazy and spent most of my day on the bed. i didn’t even go near the computer. woo hoo!

on sunday (today), ari and i watched a little bit of New York City marathon for a little bit before we left for work. well, i went to work, ari went shopping. I did some UI stuff for a while, until ari showed up at my office. he got a new coat!

i want one too!

about coat, i’ve been wanting this Diesel puffy jacket for almost 2 weeks. a couple weeks ago, ari and i went for some window shopping at Urban Outfitters and saw this jacket. it was cute! it’s light green and it made me look like a robot. but it was way too pricey for me ($195). so we decided to wait, hoping the price would go down.

but when ari got a new jacket, there was this peer pressure thang telling me i gotta get one too. so i did.

i borrowed $200 from ari, with a promise that i will not shop for clothing until i can pay off my debt. that pretty much means no shopping for me for about 4 months… o well.

now, i hope tomorrow will be cold. i can’t wait to show off my new puffy jacket…