~ Dogma + PSX2 ~

14 November 1999

just like tho other sundays, today i went to work again. maybe i’ve started to become a workaholic? maybe i need to make an appointment to workaholic annonymous soon? *shrugs*

anyways, from work, ari and i went to watch Dogma. has anyone seen it? oh gawd, that movie was hillarious! it’s funny! and it has a good moral story without being cheesy. or maybe it’s sooo cheesy that we don’t really care anymore. i’ve never been a fan of neither Matt Damon nor Ben Afleck, but i think they are cool in this movie. but the coolest person there is the director of the movie. he’s the guy that plays one of the prophet. the fat one.

so, go see it before i give too much hint.

at home, i called Ramanda, my brother. we haven’t spoken for about 2 months. maybe more. so i thought he missed me…. so, i called him. well, he was excited alright. but he was more excited about the new playstation (PSX2) than getting my call. hehehe.

but that’s ok. he’s a video game addict. PSX2 hasn’t come out yet. it supposed to be released in Japan on March 2000. for the US, it’ll be released in Fall. he just read an article about how powerful this little machine, and he practically read the whole article for me on the phone… it was funny. no, it’s not like i hate listening to him talking about video game. i love it. it’s just that we talked on the phone for about an hour, all about video games, and by the time i hung up, i just remember that i didn’t ask what i wanted to ask him to begin with. o well.