~ nude beach ~

19 June 1999

i went to a nude beach today. no, i didn’t bare myself for everyone to see. i did not a enough guts.

it was supposedly a MUDIKA trip. MUDIKA is a a Indonesian Catholic Youth Group. yup, i did say Catholic group. it’s a little ironic that the trip was given by a group with a religious background.

i wasn’t a member of the group simply because i’m not a catholic. but ari is. and ari is my boyfriend.

we (ari and i) left NYC at 9:15 in the morning, heading for a rest area in Garden State Parkway, where we were supposed to meet with the rest of the group. and as usual, they are late… REALLY late. according to the plan, we’re supposed to arrive on the beach sometime around 10 in the morning. we ended up getting there around 2 in the afternoon… late, huh?

i didn’t know that we were heading for a nude beach. i guess, most of the people in the group didn’t know that either.

when we got to the parking lot of the beach, we saw an old man roller blading wearing only thongs… the group was a little shocked — and a little disgusted — seeing him. we were laughing and joking around about that old guy, not knowing that we would see more than just butt cheeks.

the whole gang walked to the beach… there are many kids running around, tossing beach balls and all. when we got to the sandy part of the beach, we saw a sign says “CAUTION: you may encounter nude sunbathers beyond this point”

automatically, we all turned our heads to the left, to see what’s behind that sign. oh boy…. those people on that beach had no clothes on! none! bare naked!

and to my amusement, they walked around, played beach balls, sunbathed comfortably…. they look so comfy that we were the ones who did not feel comfortable seeing them naked.

we moved over to the right side of the beach, where they provided a *small* area for the *clothed sunbathers*.

if you are curious what the nude beach look like, it certainly does not look like the Baywatch show minus the bikinis…. most of the people there were old. some of them are REALLY old and wrinkly. some have a little excess weight. so, the beach didn’t look so babelicious….

it still feels strange, cause when we swam on the beach, we could easily bump to these naked people… and for goodness sake, i’m not used to seeing strange people with no clothes on walking freely around me.