~ first day at work ~

01 June 1999

i started my job today at www.bolt.com… yes, my dream job… :-P

i think i would like it there. everyone is very nice, the work environment is very casual. no dress code, that is… hehehe… and what i like mostly about the job is it allows me to do what i love to do… making websites!!

i’ve never thought i could be a web designer. not to mention a designer in a teen oriented business. www.bolt.com is a net community for teenagers. they have chat rooms, discussion boards and tons of articles related to teen life. even i have so much fun browsing there… well, i love net community anyway… i have memberships anywhere i find it’s free… :)

so, anyway, i didn’t get to do too many things on the first day. i basically tried to figure out how to use the phone… argh! those kinda phones with more than 30 buttons are too confusing. they should make one with more user-friendly features… other than phones, i had to figure out the email client and internet pager (bolt zap) on my computer. it’s a little messed up, i think. but other than that… everything was GREAT! more than i expected.

the people are very nice. there are not many designers in bolt. however, all of them working fast! they make good design FAST! that… i need to learn….

the first lunch was on the company… i had a mentor, Rush, who took the first hour showing me around (i.e. where is the bathroom? kitchen? copier? … coffee?) and introduced me to everybody. there are probably 50 people i met. how can i remember all the names in an hour? that’s impossible… i cant even remember the faces! i think i need another 2 weeks to learn everyone’s name…. or maybe more

and then, Liz, one of the designers, showed me what i need to do and make. most of the graphics, like buttons and such, are already in a template, so it’s not hard to make. and she is very helpful, so i wouldn’t have to worry to ask questions… phew….

well, that’s my first day… still excited and pumped up! hehehe…

at night, i went to see Star Wars with Ari, Wanda, Ramanda, and Jessi. as a big fan of the trilogy, i think the movie is not as bad as the critique said… i’m satisfied… no, it’s not a waste of money to watch it. Darth Maul is cool, although i think some people made him sound bigger than he is… the young Skywalker is hella cute!! and the queen wears the best dresses i’ve ever seen. more outrageous than those in the catwalk of Gaultier… hehehehe….

i had a great day, today… :)