~ raising an eyebrow = war ? ~

26 April 1999

i was driving to get something to eat early this evening. in front of me there was a brown car with 4 people in it. when we stopped at a red light, the girl on the back turned back and looked at me. the guy next to her shortly turned to looked at me after she said something to him. and the light turned green, so we moved.

for some odd reason, i kept following them. not that i intend to do that, i guess, our destinations are close to eachother. every red light, they turned and looked at me. after about 4 red lights, i raised an eyebrow when they turned their head to look at me. and all the sudden, the guy on the front passenger side stuck out his head and started saying something. i think he was yelling, but i couldn’t hear a thing cause i had my window closed and my stereo was pretty loud. they waved the “fingers” and gave a couple of different nasty look. i just raised another eyebrow.

to tell you the truth, i didn’t know what to do…. thank god the light turned green before things got uglier. but after rolling for about 50 feet from the intersection, they pulled the car to the side and each of them got out of the car… i was thinking, maybe i’m in trouble. i thought i’m alone, a woman, small woman, to be exact. and there are three guys with a girl whose size almost twice as big as me. and all i did was raising an eyebrow… this does not make any sense…

so, i chickened out. i just passed their car and decided to go get something to eat somewhere else, not anywhere near that area. after i passed that car, i looked through the rear view mirror and saw them getting back into the car… and the view dissapeared, hidden by the huge van that pulled close behind me. i sped up and leave that place as soon as i could. i think i was kinda scared.

maybe i’m just overreacting.