~ lost and found ~

28 April 1999

i just met a long lost friend through this homepage, Ganesh. didn’t expect it. but it’s a nice surprise.

i think the last time i met Ganesh was when i was in highschool. no. junior high. which means it was about 11 or 12 years ago. that’s a long time!

we had a nice long chat this afternoon on ICQ. sort of like a catching up… and it’s even better cause now, i can track some of my other long lost friend through him! other than the catching up, we also had various interesting topics… such as “how do you keep your face up when people hate you and spit on you”… or “how to save an HTML files on dreamweaver”… or “how to keep yourself skinny without the earobics and fitness”… (didn’t i tell you it was quite a variation?)

in short, i had so much fun talking to him. people change over time, huh?

rant (later on that night): you don’t want to listen? that’s fine. you just want me to be cheery and happy all the time? always a cute little girl that you can always play with? no… the little girl is not allowed to be upset. no. she’s not allowed to be miserable. if she does, don’t even try to talk to you. cause you are not interested in hearing such a thing. who cares about her problem, her feelings. she should take care of herself. you don’t want to hear that. “call me when you’re not mad anymore, okay?”… okay, here i am! with a wide smile, ready to giggle. i’m cute again.