~ a bald hair dresser ~

24 April 1999

would you trust someone with no hair to cut and style your hair? today, i went to a barbershop with my boyfriend in Astor Place area. he wanted to get a hair cut. he wanted to re-modelled his head… all new look, he said. very short maybe bald… blah blah blah. i was hesitant at the beginning. i thought his head would look funny, and i mean funny that would make you laugh.

well, we went to this barbershop. never been there before. when we saw the shop from the outside it looks small, but when we’re in there, we realized that the shop was 3 stories. and when we got in, there is this big guy sitting on the entrance. we told him we wanted a haircut and he said, “follow the red line on the floor”….. wow… this is new…

the red line lead us to the basement. there is another big guy standing on the bottom of the stairs, yelling and directing the customers to their hairstylists. we got this bald old guy… i was skeptical. all he said to my boyfriend was, “what the hell are you thinking? too much hair!!”

and he started buzzing the hair off. well, a lot of hair off. he didn’t even asked what my boyfriend wanted. after about 5 minutes buzzing, clipping and cutting, my boyfriend had a new look. very short hair, almost bald. just exactly what he said he wanted before we entered the shop. he loves the new look, the old bald guy loves it too, and so did i… and it only costs us eleven bucks!

i was amused….. i guess, i shouldn’t judge the ability from the amount of hair he got…..