~ lucky strike ~

23 April 1999

do you believe in luck? i think i now am.

first of all, i got a job in NY a couple weeks ago. so i’ll be a web designer. new york designer! wow… and then, today was my first day of apartment searching. made an appointment with a broker, and i fell in love with the first apartment i saw. maybe i’m just too easy to please. but the building was very clean and well kept. the room was a studio. not too big. but big enough for me and my bunny.

parking was no problem. only a block away from the main road, but it is hidden enough from the noise of the street. only three blocks from subway station. and the plus point is the building owner lives on the building. i think i’m in heaven… :)

the only minus point is the location is very far from work. gonna be an hour train ride… far deep in queens. kew garden. o well. i don’t mind, i guess. i’ll give it a try for a year, and let’s see what happen… :) i still believe i’m in a lucky strike.