~ a novice ~

22 April 1999

after probably a month without any contact, i finally talked to Chung and Greta again. and last night, i read Chung’s entry on my guestbook… he said:

Wow! You have a fantastic site. And to think a few months ago you would ask me how to do simple scripting :) Keep up the great work. I can now tell people I knew you before you became such a maven at web designing :)

reminds me how bad i was in coding a couple months ago… even in early february, i didn’t even know how to do an image rollover. i had to ask Chung for help, and he hadn’t even done any HTML work. no homepage…

all we did was searching the net for info. well, he did a better job than me… he sent me tons of link… “java archive”, “java galore”, and more java garbage. i still remember, one of them was called “more stupid web tricks”.

my first image rollover came from those kind of javascript engine where you put your image names and they spit out the code. lame, huh? but it got me started, thanks to all those URL’s Chung sent me.

addition: yippee! the stitches are taken out this afternoon. and the doctor told me he just receive one of the three lab report of my biopsy, and it’s not a lymphoma (sp?). that means, it’s not any type of cancer, nor tumor…. i can breath again….. :)