~ feeling special ~

20 April 1999

i like being special. who doesn’t? a couple days ago, i got an email from WSL. and as usual, he makes me feel special again… (no, he’s not my boyfriend, just a good friend of mine)

i knew him from yahoo chat. yeah. online friend. and we sort of agreed that online remains online… don’t wanna spoil the (almost) perfect image we create on the computer screen, so does speak.

it was a while ago when i was totally addicted to chat. i could spend 20 hours a day in the chat room… you know what’s addicting? it’s the attention. i could get attention there so easily. since i spend so much time there, i knew many many people there. even until now, there are more than 150 names on my yahoo pager and more than 120 names on my ICQ. not counting the AOL IM… crazy.

man, that was bad. addiction is addiction, it almost ruin my life. well, my school to be exact. hehehe… you know the usual, grades kept falling…

to cut the story short, i quit chatting all together (after long painful days of trying my best not to turn on my computer). i managed to keep in touch with a couple of people i knew from the chat. one of them is WSL.

when i still chatted, he used to say yahoo should have a theme song for sun2197 (my handle), and it should be on whenever i enter the chat room. he said that since i knew many people, whenever i enter the room, almost everyone there greeted me. yeah, crazy, isn’t it. you can imagine how much time i spent there…

recently, when i finally got the job offer in NY, i wrote an email to him about my excitement. and here is his reply…

first of all…congrats… a big..big..big..congrats…. good luck in new york

and finally…the search is over…..

i am saving this for special occasions… and i think after hearing that you got a job you like, this would be the time to send it to ya… =)

sooo…here it is…my theme song… for “sun2197” everytime she enters the chat room… =)…. enjoy….

once again…conratulations… w


and i feel very special….. *big smile*