~ hospital band ~

18 April 1999

i finally had one of my nodes removed yesterday morning. ari drove me from home to the hospital… isn’t he sweet? he came down here from NYC to take care of me… :)

anyways, i went to the hospital early, and still got in to the surgery room late. that always happens.

i still have the hospital band that they put on my wrist. i haven’t taken that off… i even wore it to a japanese restaurant where we (me, ari and my brother) went for dinner tonight. my brother said it could be the next fashion statement… yea right…

during the surgery, the doctor and the nurse kept joking around. it was fun, except that i was a little worried if they would make a mistake from laughing too much.

so now, i have extremely sore neck. it only hurts if i tense the neck muscle. other than that, it feels fine.