~ i hate tax season ~

07 April 1999

but who doesn’t? well, this is my first year filing taxes, cause before 1998, i was just a spoiled brat who keeps receiving allowance from my parents. no tax… heaven. but i never realized that i was in heaven. until now…

first of all, i have no clue how to file taxes. and for some reason, IRS seems to hide all the information. the phone is always busy, the website is totally confusing, and even i finally be able to get through the 1 800 number, the operator was clueless of what i was asking.

i was working in Maryland last summer, so i have to file the MD tax form. I, however, do not know where to find the form. call me stupid, but i’m a newbie in the tax business. just to find the phone number of the tax office in MD, i had to go through 5 different offices. couldn’t find it on the IRS website.

when i finally find the phone number, again, i got busy tone all along… so, i look for a different office (Sales Tax), and ask them to direct my call to the personal tax office. hehehe… they got a busy tone too…. but, they know several other numbers to that office, so i finally could get through.

the woman there said she could send me the form. BUT it would take a week to ten days to get to me… argh! it’s gonna be too late! i know it’s my fault to wait till the last minute… so, i guess, i just have to wait till IRS send me a fine for being late….. dammit!

i think, IRS needs me to design their website so that they would have a better navigational system… *grin*… kidding!