~ icons: use or not to use ~

06 April 1999

last night, i took out the songs section. i’m still not sure how the copyrights for songs work. i’m afraid, if i post songs i like in here, i actually do something illegal. so, sorry… no more songs.

anyway, i started to subscribe on some rings’ mailing list. wow, i didn’t know it would that useful… i saw so many homepages with nice layouts. and i also saw a page which uses one of my icon… i’m sure it was my icon, cause all the graphics in this site are made by me. none of them are free clipart. and of course, i recognize all the stuff i’ve made….

in a way, i was flattered, cause that means, the user likes my icon. but, isn’t that somekind of stealing? especially if the user do not tell me… i dunno… i wrote an email to the user, asking if that was my icon. haven’t gotten a reply…

am i being a pain in the ass? the icon is the mail icon. it’s not a hard icon to make. maybe for most of the people, it’s not a big deal… but for some reason, it is for me. we’ll see… i hope i don’t offend the person. i tried to ask in the nicest way… and, honestly, i’m not pissed either…. well, i don’t know if i should be pissed or not… :)