~ they read! ~

05 April 1999

i didn’t know that people actually read my rant! well, if you read my previous journal entry, you would know that i was whining about my ability to write. and then, i was off on my easter weekend. when i went back home, i got 2 emails of encouragement.

the first one is from one of my best net friend, WSL. you’ve probably seen his name scattered around this site. he’s a sweetie… thanks, cof, you always cheer me up, buddy….

the second email, i have never thought i would receive these kind of emails from a visitor. it is from Mike. he’s a writer and on his site, he offers help in writing. other than just writing me an email, he also wrote a section on his page about my page!!! isn’t that a big compliment? i would never thought someone would do such a thing for me. he uses my graphic, he links the page to my page, he wrote a great recommendation. i cant ask for more!

thanks, mike! i have to tell you that i was so happy reading your email, i couldn’t sleep that night (i got hyper). thank you very much. this is the best compliment i have ever received since this site resides on the net. once again, thank you….