~ neck job + job interview ~

08 April 1999

*BEWARE* contains a lot of whining.

….. i finally found out that i have to have the surgery… it’s scheduled this coming tuesday, the 13th… a while ago, in the entry glands problem, i wrote that i was sick. swollen gland on my neck.

now, the doctor thinks that i should have a surgery. it’s probably going to be just like the one i had before. the location of the glands he intend to take is right next to my old scar.

i actually don’t mind having a surgery. but for now, the timing is just not right. why?

first of all, my lease for my apartment ends at the end of may. so, that means, i have to get a new apartment before then. new apartment means more money to pay the rent… and i have no job now… actually, i’m going for an interview tomorrow in NY. my dream job. i really want this job.

IF i get this job, that means i have to move to NY. good! now i know where to get a new apartment, and i would have amoney to pay the rent. however, with this surgery thing, it would be hard for me to pack up and all the things i have to do before moving would me delayed. so, i cant start the job anytime soon… i’m afraid that if i cannot start soon, they would not hire me…..

IF i do not get the job… then i’m dead… hehe.. naah, i just do not know what to do yet… i’m relying on this job. the problem is the time constrain, especially with all my stuff (i have A LOT!)…. i hope the surgery wouldn’t hurt too much… or even if it is, the pain wouldn’t last too long….

hmm.. if i look at the calendar, maybe it’s not too bad… a month and a half… maybe i’m just making this a big deal…. *shrug*…