~ avocado graphics tweaked ~

05 March 2000

phew! we finally finished spicing up avocado graphics. we didn’t mean to do that much work, but things just kept coming up, and we couldn’t stop.

at first, ari just hated the buttons i made for avocado graphics, so he wanted to get rid of it. so, we decided to make a wallpapers and screensavers section instead. well, that was a good idea…. the problem was avocado graphics site is all HTML. to change the one link is a huge pain in the ass cause that means i had to go back and change every single page.

in order to make updates like this easier in the future, we decided to restructure the site and use SSI… so we did. it took us a while, cause we both hardly had time to work on it. it finally finished 3 days ago. yippee!

today, we started fooling around with Photoshop and Illustrator… and ended up with one wallpaper. of course, once it’s done, we couldn’t wait to put it up on the site.

we started making icons for the wallpaper section. after looking at the avocado graphics site for a while, we realized that the graphics kinda… sucks. so… we decided to do some clean up and changed about 80% of the images there… the toolbar, the top window and all the icons.

we finally finished it at 11 in the evening. YAY! …. and i’m tired. there goes my plan to buy some plants for my apartment. o well….