~ two new turtles! ~

19 March 2000

i went to work today. scogin showed me some of his friends’ sites. Gone Bad is one hillaroius site. try their baby BBQ. yumm, burger…. or if you like javascripts, pay visit to MediaBoy. this guy is quite a genius. he works at Blast Radius, which is also a must see site. their projects are awesome!

meanwhile, ari bought 2 baby turtles. we’ve been shopping for turtles since yesterday. started out with the terrarium and the food. we found out that the kind of turtles we wanted, a baby red-eared slider, are illegal to sell. pet shops are only allowed to sell turtles with 4 inch diameter shell or larger, while red-eared slider babies are only about 1.5 inches in diameter.

whenever we’re looking for anything illegal, we go to Chinatown. so, today ari went there and got 2 little babies. they’re soooo cute!

too bad, they were in a very bad condition when they were sold. the guy who sold the turtles just put about 20 of them in a bucket on the side of the street. the water in the bucket was very cold. these little turtles couldn’t even move cause they were freezing. : (

now there are 2 happy turtles here, at ari’s apartment. they’re swimming around the terrarium and climbing up the rock. they seem to be very curious on their new surroundings. even when we put them on the couch, they didn’t seem to be scared. instead, they would walk around and try to climb on anything in front of them.