~ YOBOT launched! ~

28 March 2000

phew! i haven’t updated this section for almost 10 days. why? we’ve been doing a project for lightbox that we didn’t have time to pay attention to other parts of the site. sorry!

BUT! it’s all done… and we present… *drumrolls*…. lightbox 2.0: YOBOT! we’re sooo happy! we’re sooo proud of it. hopefully, you guys can enjoy it as much as we do. so go play with our new toy…

aside from it, we just done watching OSCAR 2000. we had an oscar ballot at work and i think i’ve made quite a lot of money. i made many good guesses. yay!

ADDITION: later that night…
woohoo! we got CoolSTOP Best of the Cool Award! we’re so proud! *beam*