~ survey + linkydink ~

02 August 2001

i got this survey a long time ago (maybe 2 years ago?). i found it again on my computer when i did some cleaning up. so, here is me:


  1. Full name: thalia selena kamarga
  2. Nicknames: ithal
  3. Screen name: sun2197, avo, avokid.
  4. Sex: female
  5. Birthday: may 20, 1975
  6. Age: 26
  7. Height: i believed that i was 5’2”, until 3 weeks ago the doctor measured me as 5’. how dissapointing.
  8. Hair Color: naturally, it’s black.
  9. Is your hair long or short: medium.
  10. Eye Color: black
  11. City born in: Bandung, Indonesia
  12. Location now: NYC
  13. Ethnic Background: Indonesian (Jawa, Sunda, Manado, Padang).
  14. Siblings: 1 younger brother.
  15. Parents married/divorced: married.
  16. Best Friend(s): Ari.
  17. Who makes you laugh the most? Ari.
  18. Who knows the most about you? Ari.
  19. Boy/girlfriend status: Taken
  20. Who’s your role model: no one. if i had to have one, it’d be Leonardo da Vinci.
  21. Most interesting thing you did last summer: don’t remember, i’m forgetful.
  22. What store do you shop at the most: Duane Reed.
  23. Have you ever done any drugs: Yes.
  24. Do you collect anything: toys.


  1. Day of the week: Saturday.
  2. Board Game: does chinese checkers count? if not, ludo.
  3. Thing in your room: my stuffed tarepanda, named pundu.
  4. Food: sushi.
  5. Restaurant: anywhere i can smoke.
  6. Cousin: ….
  7. Actor/Actress: ….
  8. Songs: Kirana.
  9. Music Video: Beastie Boys — Sabotage
  10. Animal: bunnies.
  11. Ice Cream: chocolate. lately, it has been the banana chocolate from Piu Bello.
  12. Drink: water.
  13. Yogurt: don’t like yogurt.
  14. Thing to do: sleep. no, really.
  15. Sport to watch: soccer or hockey.
  16. Movie of all time: Star Wars, me geek. Clockwork Orange comes second.
  17. Hangouts: ….
  18. Favorite pizza topping: mushroom.
  19. Sesame Street character: ….
  20. Where do you see yourself in 10 years: in a small house with two kids.
  21. What’s your dream car: right now, Audi TT.
  22. If you could live anywhere: small island in indonesia, where it’s close to the beach and to the mountain at the same time.
  23. Dream house: lotsa windows.
  24. What age do you want to get married: right now, as soon as possible.
  25. How many kids do you want: 1 or 2.
  26. Girls name: dunno.
  27. Boy’s name: dunno.


  1. Sat through an entire Dawson’s Creek episode: yep.
  2. Been in love? yep.
  3. Lied? yep.
  4. Cheated on a test? yep.
  5. Tied your shoes together? don’t remember.
  6. Eaten something with a lot of fat in it? ALWAYS!.


  1. Worst feeling in the world: worry.
  2. Best feeling in the world: proud.
  3. Can you define love? No.
  4. Do you get along with your parents? i do.
  5. Are you ticklish? yes, very.
  6. What is the first thing you say to yourself in the morning? what time is it?

Opposite Sex and Crush

  1. Who’s Your Crush? Ari.
  2. Do they know you like them?: of course.
  3. Who is your best friend as the opposite sex? Ari.
  4. What do you look for in the opposite sex?: smart and caring


  1. What do you wear to bed: tshirt.
  2. What’s your bedtime: around 2-3am.
  3. Do you wish on falling stars: yes, if i could see it. NYC sky is covered with smog.
  4. Is there a TV in your room: yes, i live in a studio apartment.
  5. Who do you talk to on the phone the most: mom and dad.
  6. Farthest you’ve been away from home: if home is Indonesia, the US is the farthest since it’s exactly on the other side of the world.
  7. How many schools have you been to: four. five if you count pre-kindergarten.
  8. Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate.
  9. Craziest/funniest dream: i dream twisted stuff, they’re like bad David Lynch movie.
  10. Would you rather be hot or cold: cold.
  11. What is your curfew: none.
  12. Do you have a pager/cell phone: yep, cellphone.


  1. Do you glow in the dark: nope.
  2. Do you posses magical abilities: i can read people’s mind. sometimes. that probably doesn’t count as a magical thing.
  3. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?: ooh, nice legs. i want those!
  4. Have you ever tried to kill yourself: no.
  5. Do you know anyone who SERIOUSLY wanted to kill themselves? no.
  6. Who do you really hate? can’t think of anyone right now. told ya, i’m forgetful.
  7. What are you addicted to? smoking, nail biting.
  8. Do you like jewelry? not really.
  9. Do you wear a watch? yep.
  10. Did/Do you have braces? no.
  11. How many buddies do you have online right now? 13
  12. Who are they? liz, michael, mike d, mike, marcelo, chris, george, cia, sai, rachel, pete, matt and johnnie.
  13. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? yep.
  14. Out of all your friends and family, who do you think will become famous?: me, hee hee.
  15. Do you sleep a lot? yep.
  16. What do you think is the perfect amount of hours to sleep? 8+.
  17. Are you a night or morning person?: definately night.
  18. Who is the loudest person you know? derk
  19. Are you lefty or righty or ambidextrous? righty.
  20. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? don’t remember.
  21. How many rings before you answer the phone? usually it’s around 5, since my cellphone gets burried under stuff inside my bag.
  22. Do you believe in God? yes.
  23. Do you believe that there is one person you are made to be with? no.
  24. How was the weather today? sunny but chilly.
  25. Do you believe in love at first sight? no.

as for linky: i think Papercut is very cute.