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31 July 2001

thanks to gweld, i got the info on how to get rid of those X10 pop-ups. wooo!

now for the linkies, lots o blogs redesigned: ninjakitten, joopy, and indierocket.

this past weekend, i bought the MS-0080: A War in the Pocket DVDs. after waiting for ‘em forever, they finally came out in DVDs…. so, ari and i watched it tonight. the subtitles were soooo bad! they need a better interpreter. since the DVD didn’t come out with English dub (which, i think is a good thing, considering how bad the subtitles were), it was a bit hard to follow the story. ari, who acted as my interpreter, had to repeat everything they’re saying in english. it’s a great story, though… considering how old the movie is. it’s definately an owning-material — but then again, i’m an anime fan.

next to get: One Year War, Stardust Memory and Char’s Counter Attack in DVDs. mmm, Char.

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i’ve seen most of the MS-0080: A war in the pocket, series and loved it instantly. needles to say,

i was excited when i saw the new video in my favorite video store and quickly picked it up. sadly,i didn’t pay attention to whether it was dubbed or not.

upon hearing the trite old [dub]voice acting, i immediately turned it off. ^^;;

then again, i choose subs over dubs. ^.^

shannon | 1 August 2001 - 09:01 | reply

aww, too bad you got the dubbed one. i used to be a hardcore fan of subs, until i saw Ghost in the Shell and realizing i couldn’t follow the story by going back and forth between the image and the subtitles. that’s why i love DVDs: i get the best of both worlds ;)

thalia | 2 August 2001 - 10:09 | reply

try following FLCL! talk about eyestrain. ^.^

shannon | 2 August 2001 - 10:03 | reply

wow, so u’re an anime fan too?

Great combination, designer and

anime !

“Just someone passing by :P”

RD | 3 August 2001 - 01:47 | reply