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05 August 2001

yesterday, we went to the Union Square. again. we’ve been going there every weekend for the past two weeks just to buy loads of comics from Forbidden Planet (do they have a website?). and cia told me on friday that the new Diesel store has opened in Union Square… something that i definately had to check out. so i ended up spending more money that i planned to…

so today, we’re planning to see Mies… whether it’s in MoMA or in Whitney. no more shopping for me.

and, oh, Matt’s new site just launched. it’s nice… but it’s one helluva long URL.

later today: so, we didn’t end up going to either MoMA or Whitney. i woke up late. we went to Manhattan and ended up hanging around the street fair at 6th Avenue. by the time we got to MoMA, it was 45 minutes before the closing time. so, we did some more shopping instead (yes, again). it was a great day, though. ate so many random stuff at the street fair — roasted corns, crepes… sat around in the park watching little kids playing sand. and i got 80’s style sunglasses and big-ass belt. yumm.

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hallo thalia! website kamu sungguh cantik. seronok dapat tahu yang kamu ni Islam. so, kamu sekarang di mana ya? kamu guna greymatter kah? kenapa kamu tidak guna blogger? blogger sudah okay sekarang. tiada masalah lagi.

psstt…saya bukan orang indonesia, saya dari negara jiran kamu (malaysia)…okay, nanti saya bookpark website kamu. A++++++++!

rosdi | 5 August 2001 - 10:43 | reply

hey rosdi. thanks :) saya lebih suka greymatter, cause it gives me more control over it. i guess, it’s a matter of preferrence, don’t you think ;)

thalia | 6 August 2001 - 12:11 | reply