~ the last day of 2001 ~

31 December 2001

i just woke up an hour ago, around 12:15 in the afternoon, called home in Indonesia since they just turned 2002. my parents are still in Australia, so my brother and i called my aunt place and spoke to about 15 relatives, wishing ‘em happy new year.

we finally watched Harry Potter two days ago. haven’t read the books, but i enjoyed the movie very much! it reminds me when i watched the Goonies years ago. they’re not completely comparable, but, for me, they both gave me that magical adventure feeling. mmm….

we also went to Museum of Natural History yesterday. Ramanda wanted to do some research on old Chinese Castle architecture. ooph, it was crowded… and there were sooooo many strollers and little kids running around. and they still do the bag checking thing, too. we didn’t get to see many things since we got there late already. so, i think i need to take Ramanda again some time in the future.

Rose Center (16k image)

anyway, in any case, have a great last day of the year! i’m very glad that 2001 is almost over. whew!

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happy nu yearr 2002

ntonk | 1 January 2002 - 01:02 | reply