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27 December 2001

i was browsing around deviantART today, looking for good skins for my trillian messenger. the more i browse and look at those pretty skins, the more i like the site. the people who submit their skins seemed more and more cool. so, i joined and uploaded my one and only ICQ skin i’ve ever made. i know that the skin has been on condiments for a while. i don’t even use ICQ anymore…

but, yeah, if you use ICQ 2000, go ahead, download and try the skin out. let me know what you like about it and what missing from it.

linkydink: x-machine has a new look.

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I like it. Like everybody else has already said, the colors are pleasant and clean, yet well-coordinated as well. The design is neat and simple, which makes it all the more attractive. Great job on your first and only ICQ skin! I used to have ICQ; I never use it now, but I’m sure many other people will be clambering to get a hold it. Once again, very nice. =)

Lise | 28 December 2001 - 11:12 | reply
godote | 30 December 2001 - 07:14 | reply

HAPPY NEW YEAR THAL + ARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cia | 31 December 2001 - 12:26 | reply